About Us

About Us

Welcome to Nordic Design Forum!

Nordic Design Forum is dedicated to showcasing Scandinavian interiors and accessories with a range of new or emerging Nordic designers and producers that are either unknown outside their domestic market or region or have yet to become available in the UK. Its focus is on high quality home interior items and designer accessories, representing all four elements of the Nordic tradition (wood, glass, textiles and ceramics). 

Nordic designers have long been celebrated for their ability to combine a strong artisan craft tradition with modern design principles and materials. With its emphasis on the practical application of design in and around the home, Nordic design has produced numerous twentieth century design classics that continue to appeal through a distinctive fusion of natural elegance and uncluttered function. 

This design tradition continues to inspire a modern generation of designers throughout the region, who continue to produce high quality items with the same typical style of lightness, restraint and the good taste of their forbears.

Our choice of products on the Nordic Design Forum hopes to reflect this contemporary range of talent and eye-catching quality of design. More established classics are also available through Nordic Design Forum and they will occasionally be presented alongside our less renowned or emerging designers, if only to demonstrate the continuity and consistency of the design principles.

Thank you for visiting and happy shopping!

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